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Staging tips to get your house SOLD!

A buyer will form an opinion of your home the first time they walk through the front door. It is critical this impression is a good one. If the first thing they are met with is a noxious odor or balls of pet hair on the floor, they will likely not seriously consider the property as an option. Read below for some staging tips to help you make your house shine and get your house sold!

  • Windows, floors, bathroom tile and grout, counters, carpet – clean every surface to make it shine. A buyer’s first impression is usually based on the cleanliness of the home. If you care enough to clean it – you probably care enough to maintain it.
  •  When potential buyers walk through the front door, they want to be able to imagine themselves living in that space. This can be difficult if there are piles of your belongings lying around or large numbers of personal photos on the walls. Consider this the beginning stage of packing to move. Take down personal photos and replace them with generic artwork. Clean and clear surfaces, floors, cupboards, and closets equal more space in the eyes of potential buyers, so pack up anything unnecessary or unsightly.
  • Clean and declutter the closets. Potential buyers will open the closet doors, so make sure that they seem as large as possible. Move clothes and shoes to another closet, or better yet pack it away. It will make for less packing when you are moving to your new home!
Set the stage
  • Stage your dining room table. Add a few place settings to the table – think placemat, plate, and napkin with a ring. Tie the elements together with a line of small vases down the center of the table.
  • Rearrange your furniture. Place the furniture to create an inviting symmetrical space. If your furniture is large, considering removing pieces to make the area seem larger.
  • Paint over that purple in the bedroom. Choose neutral colors that make everything seem more pulled together.
  • Stage your “extra room” as a definable living space. Whether that means making your extra bedroom (i.e. junk room) look like a bedroom, office, or workout room. Evaluate the spaces in your house and stage it based on what would be most desirable to the buyer.
  • Be aware of pet odors. This can be a huge deterrent to any buyer. Recognize if you have pet odors and do something to remedy them. This does not mean spraying deodorizers and using plug-in air fresheners. Steam clean carpets and rugs.  Vacuum hair and clean the paw prints off of the floors. Make sure the litter box is clean and odor free. 
  • Don’t cook food that has a strong smell – think cabbage, fish, etc. These smells tend to linger and can be an unpleasant first impression of a home.
Curb Appeal
  • Look at your home from the front. Make sure that the grass is mowed and weeds pulled. Plant fresh flowers and greenery. Make sure that there is not any chipping or peeling paint on the exterior. If you have a front porch, dress it up. Add flowers on either side of the door, hang a wreath on the door, place a welcome mat in front of the door. Check the door for dirt and grime and clean if needed. 
  • Think seasonally. If you are selling in the summer, make sure your yard and garden are in beautiful shape. Highlight any extra features you have, like a water feature or deck by making sure that they are clean and ready to go. When the weather doesn’t permit outdoor features to be highlighted, consider making a sign on the door leading to the outdoors detailing the features of the outdoors.
  • Stage your outdoor space. Even if you only have a tiny balcony,   highlight the fact that it is there with a small table and chairs with a small vase of flowers on top. Help them envision the possibilities and not the drawbacks.
  • Make sure that there are working light bulbs in every light. A well-lit room is essential. 
  • When you have a showing scheduled – turn on the lights before you leave. 



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